National Polar Bear Day

Did you know? February 27th was National Polar Bear day! So, enjoy some Polar Bear trivia courtesy of the team at Snelgrove Travel.

– Polar bears are classified as marine mammals.

– Polar bear fur is translucent; it only appears white because it reflects visible light. Beneath all that thick fur, their skin is jet black.

– They can swim continuously for days at a time

-There are currently 19 subpopulations of Polar Bears

-Polar Bears smell prey from up to a kilometer away

-Polar Bear footprints leave behind DNA for Scientists to use


Wales: the Land of Fairytales

Childlike whimsicality… A nostalgic rush just about anybody strives to feel, and one the country of Wales excels at evoking. A hidden gem on the travel scene, Wales is a small country with a lot to offer. So go ahead, let your inner child run wild in the land of fairytales.

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Two Caribbean Resorts Put Up for Sale

Just recently, two Cat-Island resorts were put up for sale by a real estate firm known as Engel & Volkers Bahamas. The Fernandez Bay Village and the Greenwood Beach Resort–along with a nearby island–are now available for purchase. And, with increased traffic to nearby resorts as well as Cat-Island itself, demand and likely the prices are increasing. All three items go for a collective price of approximately $6,000,000 USD.

“The Bahamas is perfectly positioned for the changes that are taking place internationally and these properties on Cat Island check all the boxes,” Colin Lightbourn stated, license partner and real estate advisor for Engel and Volkers. “Collectively the properties can also fill a void on the island by creating new amenities and experiences for each other.”

The private island–known as Hawk Nest Cay–boasts a linear oceanfront roughly 1 mile long, along with complete vacancy. While you may be able to do whatever you want with the island, the costs to do so would likely be significant–shipping, contracting, and constructing anything would likely cost another fortune.

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The Beauty of Oak Alley

Oak Alley Plantation is much more than just a house. It’s a place filled with history and romance surrounded by 300-year-old oak trees. Can you think of a more spectacular setting in the South?

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Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is just starting to make its mark on the map for adventurous travelers in recent years. Bukhara, one of Uzbekistan’s most ancient cities, is absolutely steeped in history. It’s home to some of the most splendid Islamic architecture and was a notable stop on the Silk Road.Interested in learning more about the history of Bukhara by going there yourself or just looking for a serene vacation? Then make sure to call the team at (801)544-1800 or visit our offices at 145 W Gentile St. Layton, UT today & SAVE!

Lake Garda

The largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda is an ideal destination for adults and kids alike. Adults will be able to indulge in the food, wine, and shopping while the kids will delight in the theme parks and campsites around the shore. And don’t even get us started on the incredible blue of those waters!Interested in traveling to Italy to view the amazing Lake Garda or any other of the many wonders the world has in store? Well, the team at Snelgrove Travel has the resources and knowledge to make that interest a reality! And for cheap! Just call us at (801)544-1800 or visit our offices today & SAVE!

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya is a fantastic fortress complex boasting ancient architectural fetes. Built on the rock plateau of an extinct volcano, it has served as a royal palace and a Buddhist monastery. About halfway up the side of the plateau is an enormous lion that acts as the gateway giving the structure its name: Sihagiri, the Lion Rock