Kids Sail Free is BACK!

Kids age 12 and under sail FREE in the same cabin with adults on select 2019 & 2020 sailings. It’s the Royal Caribbean Kids Sail Free promotion to the Bahamas, Caribbean & Mexico. Call Snelgrove Travel 801-544-1800 or click below for applicable cruises.


Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is one of the most iconic buildings in Los Angeles and perches atop the Hollywood Hills over one thousand feet above sea level. Its breathtaking views of the city may feel eerily familiar as more than thirty-five feature films have been shot here!

SAVE on Delta flights to Hawaii, Europe, Central America & Mexico!

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Universal Studios – Stay More, Save More!

The longer you stay, the more you save at Universal Orlando Resort. Enjoy savings up to $150 with the Stay More Save More vacation package. Booking dates extended now through June 12, 2019!

Minimum 4-Night Length of Stay (must stay a specified number of nights to receive savings).

  • Save $50 on a 4-Night Length of Stay
  • Save $75 on a 5-Night Length of Stay
  • Save $100 on a 6-Night Length of Stay
  • Save $150 on a 7-Night

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Cumbria Lake District – England

Visit England’s Lake District in the northern region of Cumbria to immerse yourself in the gorgeous landscape that inspired the “Lake Poets” — that group of famous English wordsmiths that included the likes of William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge — to wax lyrical about the beauty of life.


These uniquely shaped hills come with an equally unique sounding name – mogotes – and can only be found in a few places in the world, including Cuba. Mogotes are hills with cliffed edges so steep they’re almost walls and surrounded by plains. Be them linked or unlinked, the name stays the same along with the landform’s sheer beauty.

6 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent This Year

With the sun beginning to rear its head towards the northern hemisphere as temperatures begin to rise, it’s beginning to feel like travel season! With brisk winds blowing gently across the country, you may be thinking to yourself that it might be worthwhile to get out for a bit while some travel locations are in their prime. But before you do, you might want to consider booking with an agent. Here’s why:

1. You can’t undo travel mistakes

Being lost in a foreign area can be scary. The last thing you’d want is for the wrong hotel to be booked or to be using a shoddy shuttling service that isn’t there to bring you to your hotel when you first get off the airplane–however, by booking with an agent you can avoid all potential hazards to your precious vacation time. Agents are experienced in both booking and going on vacations, and know all the ins and outs of ensuring a streamlined, smooth trip.

2. Travel Agents often save you money

Travel agents have dedicated themselves to travel. They know which locations, providers, and services are best for you to use. And, in Snelgrove Travel’s case, we have a guarantee that we will BEAT internet prices!

3. Travel Agents save time

There are far too many options to choose from when looking for a vacation. And what’s worse, when you figure out what you want to do the process of figuring out the best options or lowest prices can be tedious. Travel Agents, however, are experienced in figuring the best and cheapest options for any client.

4. Travel is becoming increasingly complicated

As time goes on, more resorts open up and more cruise ships get built. Keeping track of all the information regarding the ever-changing travel industry is a tall order for your average person. That’s why our Travel Agents are always in the know on world events, new resorts, and the best available travel options!

5. Travel Agents know what it’s like to travel

Any good vacation should contain within it the promise of timeless experiences and fond memories. And a Travel Agent has just that–priceless memories of their fantastic vacations–and they want nothing more than to help you in creating your own!

6. Travel Agents know their field

Let’s face it, traveling can be confusing. Different languages, different cultures, and several forms of foreign businesses to interact with. Thankfully, our agents are experienced in dealing with all sorts of issues one may encounter when planning a trip.