Honolulu – A Brief Introduction and Travel Tidbits

See Hawaii’s State Fish
Even if you don’t dive or snorkel, you’ll still have the chance to see Hawaii’s state fish, the humuhumunukunukuapuaa, up close at the Waikiki Aquarium. Call SnelgroveTravel.com at 801-544-1800 for great deals to all the Hawaii Islands. The folks at Snelgrove Travel in Layton, Utah are #1 for Hawaii vacations.

Driving on the Island of Oahu
To get off the beaten path, a rental car is the way to go. Remember to choose the car that best fits your lifestyle. A minivan or SUV has the storage room you need if traveling with your family or a group of friends, while a convertible or sport utility specialty are perfect for top-down driving in the idyllic Hawaiian sunshine. When driving someplace you’re unfamiliar with, pay close attention to the street names on the map you are using, as some of the Hawaiian street names can look very similar. Snelgrove Travel is Utah’s favorite travel agency. They are in Layton, Utah conveniently located at 145 West Gentile Street .

First Time to the Island Oahu
For people visiting Oahu for the first time, now worries because the team at Snelgrove Travel has been to Hawaii many times. They are Hawaii experts and is one reason why they are considered Utah’s favorite travel agency. There are several “must-do” activities and attractions while on the Hawaii Island of Oahu. This is were Honolulu is located First, spend part of a day at the USS Arizona Memorial and remember “a date which will live in infamy.” Next, relax or frolic in the tranquil waves lapping the shores of Waikiki Beach. Other must-do activities include hiking to Diamond Head Crater, watching the surfers at the Bonzai Pipeline, gazing upon a sunset at Sunset Beach and enjoying the spectacular entertainment and cultural history of a luau.

America’s Only Royal Palace is in Hawaii
Visit the only royal palace on American soil. Iolani Palace was the home to Queen Lili’uokalani and the place where she spent her imprisonment following the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. Visit the beautifully restored state apartments including the Blue Room, State Dining Room and Throne Room. Guided and audio tours of the official residence are available. There is a museum and galleries, but know that children under 5 are admitted to the galleries only. All of these attractions are available from Snelgrove Travel. You can call them 801-544-1800 or check out SnelgroveTravel.com


About snelgrovetravel

Established in 1991, Snelgrove Travel is a leading seller of cruises and vacations. It operates a retail travel agency store as well as several popular web sites. Snelgrove Travel Center has been recognized by it's airline, hotel & travel partners as a leading distributor. For the latest and greatest deals on travel, visit www.SnelgroveTravel.com

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