Serengeti: Millions of Migrations

Serengeti National Park is a fascinating travel location which offers a once in a lifetime experience for all of its visitors. Located in northern portion Tanzania, this wildlife park is home to The Great Migration – the annual movement of millions of animals in search of food and breeding grounds. While visiting, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for herds of zebras, gazelles, baboons and spotted hyenas.


Delta Discounts – Hawaii | Europe | Central America | Mexico

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5 Ideas for Beautiful Travel Destinations

Do you want to take a vacation to a beautiful destination, but don’t quite know where to go? Well, we here at Snelgrove Travel have got some ideas to help you figure out where you’d like to go–or at least get started.


1. Jamaica

     If you are ever looking for a place of warmth, happiness, and adventure, then you should consider Jamaica as your next vacation destination. This beautiful island has become one of the most popular vacation spots in the western hemisphere. Let us help you plan your adventure now!

2. Maui

     With captivating beaches, several scenic golf courses and even a volcano, Maui is almost an otherworldly vacation destination. This is a location you need to see to believe! Contact us to help you plan your Maui getaway.

3. Azores, Portugal

     This small Atlantic island chain in Portugal offers a wide variety of activities for nature lovers. You can choose from whale watching, swimming with dolphins, exploring ancient volcanic calderas, bathing in the geothermal pools at Terra Nostra Garden and scenic mountain top hikes and bike rides.

4. Blue Geyser Lake

     Blue Geyser Lake, also known as Geyzernoye Lake, is a unique body of water in Siberia located near the village of Aktach. This natural phenomenon gets its beautiful turquoise color from thermal hot springs located in the center of the lake.

5. Matera, Italy

     Matera is the perfect place to wander and get lost! It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, having been inhabited since the 10th millennium BC. Its historical center “Sassi,” along with the Park of the Rupestrian Churches, is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1993.

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Costa Rica Coast-To-Coast!

Avanti’s Go 365 vacations sold by Snelgrove Travel in Layton Utah are expertly crafted itineraries that can provide you with the best unique travel experiences no matter what time of the year. Highly customizable, we have a wealth of options, whether you’re looking to trade in chilly winter weather in the U.S for warm beach escapes in Central and South America or Southeast Asia, or looking to maximize your trip with fewer crowds and better value in Europe during the winter. For information call the team at 801-544-1800. Snelgrove Travel is Utah’s favorite agency and is #1 for value & service.

This select itinerary, Costa Rica Coast to Coast, takes travelers from one side of the country to the other while enabling them to visit popular national parks like Tortuguero, Arenal, and Tenorio. Travelers will get more acquainted with Costa Rica’s beautiful landscape as they go through rainforest canals, zip-line across volcano-view treetops, and hike alongside a turquoise blue river. They can then cap their adventures by relaxing on one of Guanacaste’s famed beaches.

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Carnival Cruise Line to Return to San Diego with Miracle in 2019

Carnival Cruise Line will continue its commitment to Southern California after the Miracle leaves — Panaroma, its new Vista-class ship, will deployed to Long Beach in 2019. Photo: CCL.

Carnival Cruise Line this week announced that the Carnival Miracle will homeport in San Diego in late 2019, marking the cruise line’s return to San Diego for the first time in seven years.

When it arrives, Miracle, which was most recently sailing seven-day cruises out of Tampa, will sail a schedule of three- to 15-day cruises through February 2020, starting with a seven-day Mexican Riviera itinerary that sets sail on Dec. 1, 2019.

Miracle will sail two, five-day itineraries that include two days at Cab San Lucas on Dec. 22, 2019 and Jan. 12, 2020; two, three-day sailings that stop in Ensenada on Dec. 27, 2019 and Jan. 3, 2020; a four-day New Year’s Baja Mexico sailing on Dec. 20, 2019; and a six-day sailing that features two days in Cabo San Lucas and a day at Ensenada on Jan. 6, 2020.

It will wrap up its San Diego season with a 13-day repositioning cruise through the Panama Canal that leaves San Diego on Feb. 1, 2020 and arrives in Miami on Feb 13.

Carnival will continue its commitment to Southern California after the Miracle leaves — Panaroma, its new Vista-class ship, will deployed to Long Beach in 2019, offering seven-day Mexican Riviera itineraries. It will begin its season by offering a one-time, three-night sailing to Ensenada from Long Beach on Dec. 11, 2019.

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How Disneyland Tears Down and Rebuilds Right Under Our Noses

When Disney California Adventure began working on Pixar Pier, the delightful cinematic land unveiled this past weekend, it didn’t build from the ground up.

Instead, it followed in the footsteps of last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT! opening, elaborating upon what was already there. In only five months time, the Marvel-inspired replacement for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror successfully filled its queue with hidden comic references and retooled its formerly spooky experience, quickly becoming the most popular attraction across both Disneyland Resort parks.

Now, California Adventure is hoping lightning will strike twice. This summer’s biggest draw, a waterfront homage to Pixar Animation Studio touting Buzz Lightyear churros, Edna Mode wigs, and hugs from Mike Wazowski, adds a familiar thematic layer to the loosely tied-together Paradise Pier that debuted with the park’s 2001 opening.

Pixar Pier shows how Walt Disney Company wants to insert more of its intellectual property into park experiences, but introducing new experiences frequently rather than hold on to sentimentality isn’t a move to meet annual numbers. It’s what will make Disneyland and Disney California Adventure attractive to visitors for years to come.

When California Adventure builds something from scratch — 2012’s Cars Land being the foremost example — it’s generally spectacular, but when you factor in the stringent timelines and design limitations involved in retrofitting a ride from the park’s early days, Disney’s recent feats almost prove more impressive.

Incredicoaster’s special effects and show scenes provide a more exciting experience than its seaside-inspired predecessor, and while these rethemes might not be done under ideal circumstances, their outcomes continue to exceed expectations. Mission: BREAKOUT! saw The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror’s ride system pushed to the limit, reinventing itself as a frenetic journey that doubled down on thrills. The Incredicoaster feeds context and an action-packed storyline into an attraction that essentially never had one, upgrading the coaster from its amusement park roots while leaving the original structure intact.

Vocal fans often lament the introduction of film characters into longstanding attractions, but these integrations go beyond an inevitable future from a company also creating the world’s biggest blockbusters. The ability for guests, particularly young ones, to grow up watching Star-Lord, Tow Mater or Elastigirl on screen — and then join them on high stakes adventures within the parks is the imaginative core that sets Disney’s properties apart.

Locals may have grown to love the disjointed theming of Disney California Adventure, but packing a park with familiar characters from children’s films, comic books or captivating movies only heightens the experience of vacationing guests.

These recent retrofits aren’t seamless processes, however, especially when it comes to deadlines. Tower of Terror’s transition was so tight that it operated elevators to the “fifth dimension” as The Collector’s facade covered the building exterior, and Paradise Pier’s overhaul was allotted just six months for the redevelopment of multiple rides, a table-service restaurant, carnival games, food stands, and outdoor spaces. Pixar Pier made its deadline… mostly: An Inside Out candy shop is delayed until late summer and two smaller rides will open in 2019.

Creating attractions set to Pixar’s plentiful characters without creative limitations or time constraints is ideal, but in Anaheim, it’s next to impossible. Disneyland and California Adventure are surrounded by other businesses (and highways), and it’s immensely difficult to expand. Often, the only way to bring beloved franchises in is by taking other storylines out, a process that appears to mark the direction in which California Adventure is heading.

With A Bug’s Land shuttering four attractions this fall to make room for a Marvel-themed expansion, quickly repurposing attractions while developing longer, in-depth projects may just be the key to perfecting the park’s offerings. On the heels of multiple immersive franchise-led experiences coming to Disneyland in next few years — and crowds continuing to reach record-breaking numbers — there’s no time to shutter multiple areas of the park for lengthy reinventions.

It’s why Flik’s Flyers, currently residing in A Bug’s Land, is almost certainly being transformed into Pixar Pier’s forthcoming Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind ride. Flipping attractions into something refreshed and renewed that still fits within its surroundings is the ticket to long-term success not only in real estate, but here, too. Pixar Pier may not have a budget as vast as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or Cars Land, but it stands on its own, providing more robust entertainment, dining, souvenirs and attractions than the coastally inclined boardwalk ever did.

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