2019 in review – TSA’s craziests seizures

Check this TravelPulse article to see some of the Craziest TSA seizures from USA airports. This year’s items include a knife disguised as a lipstick tube, a gun-shaped toilet paper holder, and a bag of moose droppings.

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Alaska Highlight – The Alaska Marine Highway System

Here at Snelgrove Travel Center we love to share interesting tidbits about travel and destinations. The AMHS is Alaska’s ferry system, servicing ports throughout the Alaska territory. The AMHS makes it possible to drive through Alaska, while also experiencing the Alaska seas from port to port. This hardy ferry company has experienced some degree of fame during its operation, including some public television programming locally.

Alaska Marine Highway System

The Marine Highway system began as Chilkoot Motorship Lines in 1949 after purchasing an ex-US Navy landing craft. The official start of AMHS was in 1963, and the company celebrated 50 years of service in 2013.

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Hidden Gem In St Barth’s

Next time you are in St Barth’s, look around as you leave the Carl Gustaf airport and you might notice a boutique resort, Les Ilets, to your left.

Les Ilets has kept itself as a secret getaway on the island, and specializes in transporting their visitors into a heavenly escape with private beach and 12 cozy villas. They have bungalow options right on the beach, as well as cottages hidden in the resort’s tropical gardens. 

The villas come complete with kitchens, and range from one room to three rooms. Visitors can relax in hammocks, drink cocktails on the beach, or go into town to shop.

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Get a Travel Agent in your corner – Why it benefits you more now than ever before

Here at Snelgrove Travel Center, we often get calls from customers wondering why they should book through a travel agent. It’s a reasonable question, and in fact there are more reasons to use an agent today than ever before.

Be a VIP

With a travel agent, you get service unlike you would through an online third party. Travel agents make you a priority, and offer a personal approach that makes travel simpler. Beyond the pleasant booking experience, travel agents work directly with suppliers and are the first to know of promotions, discount, and they can get you added extras such as spa credits and drinks. Travel agents book in bulk, so suppliers keep them happy by keeping their customers happy.

Reduce the stress of complex travel

Booking a large group? Multiple destinations? Searching for reliable tours or excursions? Travel agents know what to look for, where to find it, and how to get the best price. They stitch everything together seamlessly for you, so all you need to do is show up and enjoy.

Protect yourself from scams

Let’s face it, it can be scary booking online when you have no idea where your private information will end up. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there. Travel agents are accredited, and will list that information on their websites as well as provide it when asked to verify. Agents book directly with suppliers, so there is no unaccredited party involved at any time when handling customer information.

Get insight – without the homework

One of the best perks of working with a travel agent is the knowledge they provide about your destination. If they don’t know the answer, they will do the research for you.


Contrary to what most people assume, travel agents don’t cost money – they save money. Whether you are wanting a personal touch, or you want to protect your private information, contact Snelgrove Travel Center before going it alone online. 801-544-1800

Flying with REAL ID

It’s December, well past the October 1 effective date for ‘REAL ID’ being mandatory in Airports. If you are still confused as to what that means for your domestic travel, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Snelgrove Travel Center we make sure that our domestic travelers know the new policy and have their IDs updated, in order to avoid any problems while going through TSA. 


Updated Identity Requirements

REAL ID requirements aren’t new – it’s the federal application which began on October 1 which is new. So what is REAL ID? The US Department of Homeland Security requires an ID that has verified: full legal name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and two proofs of address and lawful status. These requirements are now mandatory for boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft and entering federal facilities.


What does this mean for you?

For anyone intending to board a federally regulated aircraft (aka enter any domestic airport terminal) it means you need an ID with a little yellow star in the corner indicating REAL ID. This can be a REAL ID compliant driver’s license or non-drivers license, or your passport (all passports already meet REAL ID standards). 

The degree of difficulty in getting that REAL ID star depends on which state you reside in. Many states have been REAL ID compliant for years. This includes UTAH, home of your favorite travel center – Snelgrove Travel Center! If you are located in one of these states, all you need to do is apply for an updated ID. This is easiest done online – you should’ve gotten something in the mail a while back giving you all the steps to follow. If you didn’t get that mail, set up an appointment at the DMV. Call to ask if you need to bring all the documents, in most cases it isn’t necessary. 

If you are from a state that has been slow to become REAL ID compliant, such as New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, or Pennsylvania, you will need to provide all the required documents when going to update your ID. Contact your local DMV for more details. 


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delta vacations – permission granted

Avoid Airline Change Fees – Tips

Airline tickets can be the trickiest part of an itinerary due to their inflexibility. Here at Snelgrove Travel Center, we know what a hassle it can be to negotiate with airlines. However, there are some tips you can follow to avoid these struggles.


The 24 hour window

Although most airlines tout their non-changeable non-refundable policy at booking, if you are booking in the USA you are protected by a US department of transportation regulation that allows for changes or cancelations within 24hrs. Do note that this is for travel 7+ days out.

Same Day Changes

This one can be a bit risky, but many airlines have a cheaper same day change fee. United, Jet Blue, and American charge $50-75 for same day changes. So if you booked a morning flight, but want an evening flight, it’s a possibility.

Flexible Fares and Refundable Tickets

While this is a more expensive option than the basic rates, you can compare the difference in price with the airline’s published change fees. If you know you will potentially need to change your flight, buying the more expensive ‘flex’ option will cover you.

Travel Insurance

At Snelgrove Travel Center we know the value of travel insurance. Sometimes life happens, and when you need to cancel it is very useful to have travel insurance to get the bulk of your money back. ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT. Some travel insurance covers changes for any reason. Others require proof of family emergency or other specific situations. Be sure that your potential reason for cancelation is covered.

Be a No-Show

It’s simply the case that sometimes it’s cheaper to not show up than to call and cancel. Most commonly if it’s just one leg of the trip that you need to cancel. Avoid the fee by letting the flight go without you. Crunch the numbers to see if this is a worthwhile choice for you.

Wait for Potential Changes

Before giving up and accepting the loss of your ticket, wait it out. Flights change all the time. Any change could qualify you for a refund. You can complain to the airline and sight the change as the reason for you not being able to make the flight.

Divide the Flight into One Ways

Many airlines decide the change fee by the price of the ticket. Therefore, if you have a cheaper ticket your change fee will be cheaper. Do note that the price for two one-way tickets will almost always be higher than a roundtrip ticket – so this option would only be in the case that a change is likely.

Be Aware of Airline Policies

Not all airlines charge fees for changes. Southwest doesn’t charge change fees – it’s the only domestic airline in the USA that doesn’t. But Alaska also has no change fees for travel within 60 days of your flight.

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Interested in a Caribbean Cruise? See a tour of the Carnival Vista

Fun. It’s a little word, but it means so much.
It’s what makes the days fly by. Lifts your
spirits. Puts a big smile on your face. And on a
Carnival cruise, you’ll find fun everywhere!

So press pause on your daily routine. Escape
to a place where you can relax and enjoy
every moment – and make lots of wonderful
memories to take home.